A successful outfit often boils down to the correct combination of colors. There are a lot of color combinations for clothes, but in some cases we risk that the combinations are not quite suitable. However, there are some basic rules that if you follow, your outfit can't go wrong. We help you in this sense with the following tips and tricks.

Your body will show you what suits you best!

Sometimes a piece of clothing that looks great on the mannequin can look the opposite on the person. Shapes, proportions are very important to make us feel good in a certain garment. There are some optical illusion tricks to make your clothes show off your body. For example, if you are short, opt for high-waisted trousers and avoid shoes with berets.

Another trick is the volume you create through clothing. If you wear t-shirts and loose blouses, opt for pencil skirts or skinny pants. If you wear baggy pants, opt for a fitted top to create a balance in terms of body volume.

Many times, you have probably heard how people around you say "how well this color suits you"! Well, this happens when our skin color and undertone complements a certain shade we wear. If you have warm undertone skin, i.e. the skin that tans easily, it is recommended to wear warm colors, such as yellow, gold, red. If you have fair skin with cool undertones, light blue shades will highlight your skin.

Color matching

When you want a pop of color, it is recommended to have one that stands out, and the rest to be neutral, precisely to emphasize this. Therefore, it is not recommended to combine too many colors in the same outfit.

A basic rule of thumb when it comes to matching colors is how warm shades, such as red, yellow, orange, and cool shades, such as purple, blue or dark green, are paired. It would be recommended to use shades belonging to the same color palette, and to complete the outfit, it would be good to add neutral shades, such as white or black to the outfit.

We hope the above tips help you and we invite you to the shop us to choose the pieces of clothing with which to put them into practice! :D