When it comes time to buy new clothes, take into account the trends of the season, the chosen brand and how well you feel wearing them. Unfortunately, luxury brands are the target of those who want to copy them and sell them to profit from their fame. That's why it's important to always check that the source is reliable, but also the elements of the original garment. If you are not yet familiar with this kind of analysis, we help you to keep in mind all the tricks. We make the list below to check,  to be sure you are wearing original clothes.

Test the material

When you want to test the quality of the material, keep in mind :

  • Its density, how transparent or opaque it is;
  • Its strength, how easily it can break;
  • The texture of the material, how soft and smooth it is;

At the same time, the finishes are always empty. Crooked seams, unsightly needles, the quality of the attached logo often show that it is not an original product, but just a copy. Many times, the logo may be misspelled or a different color may be used. Be sure to also pay attention to zippers or buttons. Most of the time a fake product is revealed by these details. 

The price and the packaging 

The packaging must be the original one with the brand name and logo written correctly. For luxury brands "made in China"it's a red flag because they have to state that they are made in the brand's country of origin. For example, Givenchy will manufacture all its pieces and accessories in France. Of course, along with the packaging, it is essential to receive the warranty certificate and the certificate of originality. Be very careful with the price, even if they already have a price of hundreds of euros, it would be good to check how much each piece is worth through official sources. Gucci, for example, can be found for 1000 euros, but also for 100 euros.

Buy from trusted stores 

Always check the source by reading reviews and looking for pictures of the products purchased, as both physical and online there are stores that can sell successful copies. No Fakes Allowed has been offering original luxury brand products for more than 6 years. You can choose from a diverse range, from brands such as Gucci, D&G, Givenchy or Versace. 

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